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Think Twice , JantungHati ;|
Saturday, 7 July 2012 | 5:01 pm | 0 comments

If you think im bad enough cause i've been changed about 360degrees , think twice JantungHati .
Probably theres something happen to me that you dont even know :')

If you think im annoying cause im so hard believing in you , think twice JantungHati .
Perhaps i've been lied about hudrred times by the some other unhonest people :')

If you think im suck cause the level of my jealousy is such a Queen , think twice JantungHati .
Maybe im too scared of losing you for the second time :')

If you think im bored cause not replying your text , think twice JantungHati .
Probably i want you to text me twice to show that you care enough towards me :')

If you think imma heart breaker cause being unloyal to you andd not take a good care of your feeling , think twice JantungHati .
Where have you been all this while ????

And if you think ive been stopped loving you , think twice JantungHati .
Maybe its you , but for me it's eternally mine :')

Last but not least , if you think this post is for some other guys , think twice JantungHati .
Youre totally wrong cause i used to call you JantungHati recently . Its only you that i called JantungHati :')

#probably this is the last post till the end of the spm's trial . TakeCare . Bye ~

Lots Of Love ,
 ♥ Alaina Fauzi 

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