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You Can Erase Someone From Your Mind . Getting Them Out Of Your Heart Is Another Story :]
Friday, 7 December 2012 | 3:23 pm | 0 comments

HAHA aku boring -_- Ok guys Assalamualaikum :D

Ok i guess u proof that when u finally let go of the past , something better comes along :) sebenaqnyaa kan kan kan 2012 nii ajar aku mcm mcm bnda woooo . pasai erti kehidupan . Wuahhh waktu form 5 hujung tahun baru aku bukak mata nampak luaih aih dunia nii . Haaa tudyaaa . hahaa . baru kyta taww yg tudya dunia ni life nii banyaaaaakkk gyla cabaran . The zig zag way , kannn ?

sometimes ada org yg ckp, " ish kenapalaaa bala banyak sangat mai timpa aku niii " . Darling , it wasnt suppossed to be like that . Truthly , those " bala " yg anda ckp tuu buatkann anda lebih berhati hati lebih matang & lebih byk pengalaman dlm hidup ni . seriouss wehhh ! Everybody's got problem . but , we have to... no no we must handle it ! tapiii by crying you cannot solve the probs . tapi tapi tak semestinya menangis tuu takk boleh . kyta jgn ego taknakk nangess nak tunjuk kata kyta ni strong tough lahh kononnyaa , but deep inside ? You know yourself very well right ? Cry need to release the stress & even ur strengthness :)

And sometimes ada jugak org ckp, " why do I always fall for the wrong one? " Lagi sekali Darling , you will always fall in love for the wrong one . Till you found the right one :) which is the one who truly love you without any complains reasons but with his all heart and finally marry you & take the best care of you , both of your children for the rest of his life till the end of his life :] Sayang , you will find him . You will . trust me . But now , you cannot blame urself either the who you loved before because of the broken hearted . they gave you the feeling before . i mean they must be in love with you . but time has changed everything . Believe in me that they dont even wanna break ur heart especially make you cry, they never intend that . Cuma anda perlu percaya yg setiap pertemuan itu bakal ada perpisahan di hadapannya . people comes & leaves . sayangnyaa kyta taktaww byla tarikh perpisahan tuu . It might be just out of the blue . like tomorrow next week next month next year or whenever the dateline it is -.-

To make me feel better , i always promised to myself that i will be fine . i will share all of my probs with ibu . Seriouslyy , it makes me feel like WAHHH LEGANYAAAA CITA KAT IBU SEMUA NII xD she's the greatest mom . Please dont envy me :P and i used to talk to myself like im nut -.- HAHAHA kfine ! :P softly talk to myself with high self-confidence like , " Ohh c'mmon Alaina you can handle it , i trust you " or maybe " Babyyyy , sincerely you have the srongest heart ever . Trust me " then , end it with a smile --->  :) HAHA okayy silly me :P Well actually i always survive myself by remembering . but this time im surviving myself by forgetting >__<

Apa lagi aku nak cakap haa ? Emmm ok aku taksuka nak salahkan org . i prefer to blame myself utk setiap msalah yg dtang . idk byla kyta salahkan orang punn rasa mcm tak kena ahh . aku suka fikiaq apa salah aku & apa yang aku dah bwat . so that i wont repeat the mistakes . mcm muhasabah diri laa kononnyaa kann . Puiii :P Ohh and lagi satu kyta nii manusia . mcm mcm bwat salah . ada yg kyta sedar ada yang dak kan ? but , that what we call a human . A normal person . Mungkin ada segelintir yg kurang senang dgn kyta , yang tak faham kyta , tak puas hati dengan kyta , yang meluat dengan kyta . But remember ! Many people like us  . Many people love us :) So taktaww nak ckap apa dahh . Never lose hope , kayy?

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